Antique Food Scale Illustration Grocery Store Clipart Digital Image

antique food scale grocery store clipart illustration line art digital image
Antique food scale digital image

Today's clipart is of an antique food scale. In grocery stores, especially the deli sections, this scale was ever-present. How could have fun with this digital illustration? Enjoy!


Bath Tub Vintage Illustration Bathroom Design Decor

Vintage Victorian bath tub illustration download clipart image

Victorian bath tub design illustration

What a stylish bath tub! This bath tub design illustration is wonderful and detailed! I love the clawed feet and that the faucets are on the side of the tub. I imagine this bath tub illustration framed and hanging in a bathroom. Enjoy this bathroom design illustration!

Dryad Portrait Illustration Tree Spirit Drawing Antique Image


tree spirit dryad illustration drawing line art image download

Antique portrait of a dryad

From a child's, antique storybook, this is a beautiful portrait of a dryad tree spirit. Leaves, small branches, flowers are entwined in her long, flowing hair, showing she's part of the tree she inhabits. This wonderful dryad illustration would be lovely in color. Enjoy! I've posted another dryad illustration here

Earth Orbit Illustration Vintage Science Diagram Equinoxes Solstices


earth orbit science illustration equinox solstice season diagram

Vintage diagram of Earth's orbit

It's autumn! The dates are a bit off on this vintage, 1918, diagram of Earth's orbit, showing the equinoxes and solstices, but the scientific illustration is still wonderful and can be used in many creative ways. 

Free Vintage Snail Illustration Gastropod Drawing Image Download


snail gastropod artwork line art drawing illustration download

Vintage snail illustration image download

What a delightful snail illustration! I found this snail drawing in an old storybook, and this illustration is entitled, The Snail Family. Of course, those of us who garden don't want to see snails roaming amongst our hard work, but nature is a beautiful wonder in all Its forms. Enjoy! 

Dryad Ink Drawing Illustration Antique Line Art Tree Spirit Download


Antique illustration dryad tree line art ink drawing

Antique ink drawing of dryad tree spirit

What a lovely find in an antique storybook! This is a beautiful, antique illustration of a dryad, or tree spirit. Make pretty greeting card or tags with this antique ink drawing. Perhaps add some color! Enjoy!

Digital Damask Overlay Design Seamless Black Pattern Crafting Download

damask pattern overlay png digital crafting download

Digital damask design overlay pattern

Oh, the possibilities with today's freebie! Perfect for scrapbooking, paper and digital, cards, tags and much more, this digital damask overlay pattern will provide lots of creative, crafting fun. The seamless digital pattern measures 12" x 12". Enjoy!