Printable Hummingbird Bird Nest Illustration Antique Bird Artwork

Today's digital download is a charming, antique illustration of a pair of Hummingbirds and their nest. The male Hummingbird flies to his nest, where the female roosts on their tiny eggs. How pretty would this Hummingbird illustration look colored and hung as wall art? Very, I would say! Enjoy!

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free bird Hummingbird illustration animal download digital stamp

Antique Hummingbird illustration download

Free Butterfly with Wildflowers Antique Nature Printable Illustration

Today's digital download is a lovely, antique butterfly illustration. A pretty butterfly flutters above wildflowers to make a wonderful nature clipart download. This antique illustration would look beautiful framed as wall art. Enjoy!

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free butterfly illustration digital stamp nature wildflower download

Butterfly with wildflowers antique illustration

Vintage Bees and Roses Flower Illustration Download

Today's digital download is a beautiful illustration of bees buzzing around wild roses. How lovely this bee illustration would look on the front of handmade greeting cards, especially if you add color. Enjoy!

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free vintage illustration bees flowers wild roses download

Illustration of bees and wild roses

Fairy with Butterfly Wings Illustration

Who is the couple the fairy is watching? If you look closely, you can see a couple of children walking on the road. This wonderful fairy illustration was taken from a vintage storybook. The fairy's wings look like butterfly wings, don't you think? Can you come up with a story based on this fairy image? Enjoy!

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free fairy storybook illustration download

Vintage storybook fairy illustration

Boy Sledding Vintage Winter Illustration

What an expression on this boy's face as he sleds by the watching squirrel! I found this winter illustration in a vintage storybook. Wouldn't this vintage boy sledding illustration be delightful on Christmas cards?! What is that squirrel thinking about the sledding boy? Enjoy!

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free vintage winter illustration boy sledding snow

Vintage boy sledding illustration

Free Antique Sawdust Barrow Old Wheelbarrow Illustration Download

Today's digital download is of sawdust barrow. I'm sure this barrow can be used to haul anything, but the description in the antique household catalog noted this as a sawdust barrow. Nonetheless, I could see me using this wheelbarrow in my garden. Enjoy creating with this antique clipart!

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free antique illustration download sawdust barrow wheelbarrow

Antique sawdust barrow illustration

Free Llama Illustration Animal Drawing Vintage Drawing Clipart

Today's digital download is of a vintage illustration of a Llama. The detail of the animal illustration is wonderful and will add lots of interest and charm to any of your collage projects.

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free llama animal illustration digital download clipart drawing

Vintage Llama illustration download