Garden Faucet Illustration Vintage Household Plumbing Clipart PNG

Today's digital download is a simple garden faucet illustration. The detail of this faucet drawing is wonderful and would be a fun addition to a collage project. Enjoy!

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free gardening plumbing clipart faucet vintage illustration

Vintage gardening faucet illustration

Free Zebra Clipart Vintage African Animal Illustration

Today's digital download is a fantastic and detailed clipart of a zebra illustration. Printed on white paper and put in a black frame, this zebra illustration would be striking wall art for your home. What makes the zebra illustration wonderful and interesting is that the zebra is shown running. Enjoy!

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free vintage zebra illustration clipart African animal image

Vintage zebra illustration clipart download

Vintage Bike Clipart 1919 Travel Bicycle Illustration Drawing

Today's digital download is an illustration of a 1919 bicycle. Image this bike clipart as part of a collage design or as a design element of the page of junk journal. Vintage images are perfect for junk journals! The detail of this vintage bike illustration makes the clipart more charming. Enjoy!

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free vintage bike bicycle clipart illustration travel image

1919 bicycle illustration clipart

Decorative Frame Square Fancy Design PNG Crafting Clipart

Today's digital download is a pretty frame design created from vintage illustrations. This intricate frame design would look beautiful on handmade invitations and announcements. I've given you two versions of this frame. First, the frame in black, and second, the frame in grayscale so that you can customize the color for your projects. Enjoy! 

free decorative frame clipart fancy crafting download

Digital decorative frame in black PNG

free frame design digital clipart square download

Digital decorative frame in grayscale PNG

Fly Agaric Mushroom Black and White Botanical Illustration Drawing Clipart

Today's digital download is a spectacular illustration of a Fly Agaric Mushroom. The detail of this botanical mushroom illustration is beautiful. Add some color and print for a wonderful framed decoration. Enjoy! 

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free digital mushroom clipart Fly Agaric illustration
Fly Agaric Mushroom illustration download

Boy Playing with Shadow Child Clipart Illustration PNG

Today's digital download is a charming image of a young boy playing with his shadow. This boy is watching how far his shadow stretches out behind him! Found in an old, Victorian storybook, this young child illustration makes a perfect corner design. Design on greeting cards, picture frames, birthday party invitations and gift tags for added charm in all you create. Enjoy!

free boy child illustration clipart drawing PNG download

Young boy playing with shadow clipart

Valentine Red Pink Heart Ink Doodle Border Designs PNG

Today's digital clipart is perfect for all your Valentine crafting needs! These two border designs are handmade pink heart doodles that will add a charming detail to your handmade Valentine's goodies. These border designs are hand drawn doodles, and then the tiny heart drawings are colored with pretty shades of pink. Enjoy!

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free tiny pink hearts border design hand drawn doodle clipart

Tiny pink heart doodle border design download

free pink heart doodle border design clipart download

Tiny heart doodle design clipart download