Free Children Digital Stamp: Boy Playing with Ball

This is a delightful children digital stamp of a young boy playing with a ball. I found this in a vintage, 1910 children's primer.


  1. Good grief... I've really had a lot of catching up to do on your new blog, haven't I?!? What a precious image--the simple pleasures for children long ago were so much better for them than all the electronic gadgets that "entertain" even babies these days.: / (I know I sound like a crotchety old woman, and electronic games and toys have their place; I just think that kids need more balance in their lives. *End of Rant* hehe)

    Anyway, thank you for this sweet image! xoxo

  2. Haha! I totally agree, Pat! I'm so fortunate to have been raised in simpler times. You're so welcome :-)