Free Plant Digital Stamps: Gardening Illustrations of Potted Plants for Indoor Gardening

I'd love to have an indoor garden, filling the house with lovely potted plants. However, that's not possible because I have several indoor cats. And, they never, never, never leave foliage alone. I actually almost lost one of my cats several years ago, before I realized just how toxic many plants and flowers are to cats, when he devoured several springs of Baby's Breath in a flower arrangement. Thankfully, he was fine and survived. So, if I have flowers in the house, they go up high where the cats can't get them.

Today, I've posted several wonderful indoor gardening digital stamps. These fun antique illustrations come from an 1873 window gardening book. I've made a collage sheet of four potted plants. How pretty these would look on the front of a handmade greeting card for someone who loves to garden. I've also given you a delightful image of a watering can. And, the second plant digital stamp is spectacular! That small garden is just too lovely! All of the gardening images would be so fun together in a project for someone who loves gardening and plants.

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