Tuber Vegetable Digital Illustration Images Beet Onion Parsnip Turnip

vegetable beet image clip art botanical art
digital beet image

vegetable onion image illustration digital download
digital onion illustration

vegetable parsnip illustration image digital
digital parsnip image

vegetable turnip download illustration image
digital turnip illustration

These are four wonderfully detailed tuber vegetable digital illustrations. The detail is so fantastic I believe I was able to quickly identify each tuber vegetable: a beet, an onion, a parsnip, and a turnip. In the vintage book in which I found these vegetable images there weren't any descriptions provided. I think these vegetable illustration would be great design elements on handmade recipe cards or a gardening project. I've never planted tubers myself, but these great illustrations would also be lots fun decorating planting sticks identifying rows of each tuber.

digital vegetable clip art .png

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