Free Antique Cleaning Clip Art Feather Duster Ironing Floor Wax Product

corner digital cleaning antique ironing download
digital ironing clip art

feather duster image cleaning illustration digital download
digital feather duster image

antique cleaning product illustration bottle digital download
digital floor wax clip art

Today I've posted charming digital cleaning clip art that I created from an antique household catalog. The first digital household image is of a woman ironing clothes. This digital illustration makes a perfect digital corner design for projects. The shape of the digital ironing clip art, with the ironing board and electric plug extension, give it that wonderful L shape. The second digital cleaning image is of a feather duster. It's beautifully detailed with all those fluffy feathers! And, the third digital cleaning product download is of a bottle floor wax. It's also wonderfully detailed, and the product label has a fancy design.

digital household cleaning downloads .png

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