Antique Winter Country Life Clip Art Sled Sleigh Snow Cottage Children Images

winter snow sled children digital image clip art
digital sledding children clip art

winter snow horse sleigh country digital download
digital horse sleigh clip art

snow winter cottage country illustration download
digital winter cottage clip art

Today I've posted three, lovely digital winter downloads that are great for your handmade Christmas greeting card projects. The first digital winter clip art is of a group of children sledding in the snow. The winter hats and coats are cozy, and they look as if they're having lots of fun! The second digital winter image is of a couple snuggled in a sleigh pulled by a horse. This is a perfect winter image for the front of a Christmas card. And, the third digital winter clip art is of a snow-covered cottage. It's a beautiful image of a snow-covered landscape.

digital winter scene downloads .png

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