Antique Trunk Travel Stock Luggage Clip Art Vacation Digital Download Illustrations

trunk travel luggage image antique clipart illustration
digital trunk clip art

trunk luggage travel image illustration digital clipart
digital travel trunk clip art

Today I've posted two wonderful digital trunk clip art downloads of antique travel trunks. Created from antique, 1911 illustrations, these trunk images are detailed and visually stunning. The first digital trunk clip art is of a closed trunk with lots of buckles and locks and clasps. The leather, protective corners, leather handles and leather straps add to the antique charm of this travel image. The second digital trunk download is of an open trunk, showing the drawers and hangers for clothes, toiletries, and travel essentials. The second digital luggage image is perfect for collage are because other images can be added to the open trunk that suit your crafting project.

digital trunk downloads .png

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