Free Printable Bird Clip Art: Digital Bird Graphics Digital Stamp of Singing Birds

This is a charming and whimsical bird digital stamp of a row of singing birds. I love that these song birds are holding song books in this printable graphic! How cute! Maybe they're practicing for a concert?! This digital bird graphic also makes a wonderful border digital graphic for your projects.

Free Printable Child Clip Art: Child Digital Stamp Printable Graphics

This is a cute child digital stamp of a young girl with a flower in her flowing hair. I love how her hair seems to be swept up by the breeze, and the little daisy flower is an adorable touch. This antique illustration would be a lovely addition to any of your projects.

Free Digital Alice in Wonderland Illustration: The Walrus and Carpenter Digital Stamp

This is a digital antique illustration from Alice in Wonderland. Here, The Walrus and The Carpenter bemoan the fate of the oysters. I created this Alice in Wonderland digital stamp from an original illustration by Sir John Tenniel.

Free Printable Collage Sheet: 2 Antique Illustration Key Clip Art Digital

This is a small, printable collage sheet of two antique key illustrations. I created this digital collage sheet from antique illustrations in a hardware catalog. These two key digital stamps would make great design elements in a project.

Free Fashion Digital Stamp: 1915 Dress Fashion Illustration

What a lovely dress! This is a fashion digital stamp of 1915, long dress illustration. 100 years ago fashion was so elegantly stylish and rich-looking. This dress digital stamp would be a beautiful element in a sewing or fashion project.

Free Fashion Digital Stamp: Digital Label Fashion Illustration 1915 Blouse Graphic

This is a fashion digital stamp that I created from a 1915 blouse fashion illustration. I've added an antique label digital stamp, creating a lovely digital label. This label digital stamp would make a wonderful gift or hang tag design.

Free Bell Digital Stamp: Digital Graphic of Navajo Cowbell

This is a digital bell stamp of a vintage cowbell. This bell was known as a Navajo Cowbell, and I created this cowbell digital stamp from a vintage illustration in a hardware catalog. I've posted another animal bell digital stamp here.