Vintage Patio Umbrella Digital Illustration Royalty-Free Summer Drawing

umbrella patio summer clipart image digital illustration download
patio umbrella clip art illustration

Today I've posted a vintage patio umbrella drawing clip art from an old summer catalog. This umbrella clip art image is a fun, perfect image for summer crafting projects. Even on the front of a handmade, summer party invitation, this umbrella clip art would add lots of vintage charm. Click the link below to download the PNG file of this umbrella clip art.

Antique Illustration Ocean Seashell Collage Sheet Background Download

seashells ocean images illustrations collage sheet clip art digital
antique seashells clip art collage sheet

This is a beautifully detailed, antique seashells clip art collage sheet. Perfect for crafting gift tags and lots more, this seashells collage sheet will so much interest to any project. I can image this wonderful sea shell image background printed on white paper, framed and hung as decor in a bathroom. Click the link below to download the PNG file of this sea shells background image.

Free Native American Teepees Border Clip Art Drawing Illustrations

teepee native american clip art digital illustration indian image
Native American teepee illustration

teepee native american indian clip art illustration digital download image
Native American teepee illustration

These are 2, Native American Teepees clip art images created from antique drawings. The rows of teepees makes a wonderful border design for lots of crafting projects, especially when color is added. Click the link below to download the PNG file of the teepee illustrations.

Antique Victorian Font Collage Sheet Flower Design Letters Images

font letters victorian design collage sheet digital clipart download
Victorian font design collage sheet

victorian font lettering design collage sheet digital clip art download
Victorian font design collage sheet

Today I've posted 2, digital collage sheets of a Victorian font design. These digital letters have a lovely floral design and can be colored by hand or on your computer to suit your crafting project. I found this Victorian font design in an antique fashion book. It is an embroidery design. However, these pretty letters would be fun for lots of projects. Click the link below to download the PNG files of these letters.

Bird Feathers Drawings Illustration Digital Collage Sheet

bird feathers illustrations ddrawings digital collage sheet images clipart
digital bird feathers collage sheet

This is a simple, wonderful digital collage sheet of bird feather illustrations clipart. I love the rustic look of the rough feather drawings. Each of the feathers looks different, especially the quill because this is an illustration showing how bird feathers are prepared for making Native American headdresses.

Native American Clipart Headdress Moccasins Drum Illustrations Drawings

native american clipart headdress drum moccasins drawings images
Native American drawings clipart 

Today I've posted a beautifully detailed Native American illustration clipart package download of 7 drawings. Included in this digital clipart download package are, headdresses or war bonnets, moccasins, a drum, a wooden pipe, and war shirts. Each of these Native American illustrations are wonderful drawings and perfect for crafting Native American and western projects. Click the link below and download all the drawings in both .jpg and .png formats.

Camping Clipart Royalty Free Camp Fire Drawing Illustration

camp fire camping digital illustration clipart vintage artwork drawing
digital camp fire illustration clipart

This is a simple, fun digital camping clipart of cooking pots hanging over a campfire. This camping illustration is perfectly charming for any camping vacation crafting project. Click the link below to download the .png file of this vintage camping artwork drawing.