Digital Household Curtain French Design Clip Art Vintage Illustration

curtain french design download image
vintage French curtain design image

curtain french design household download image
vintage French curtain design image .png

This is a digital curtain download of a vintage, 1922 French curtain design illustration. The ornate, lavish design of the curtains is spectacular and very grand. The decorative use of heavy, sumptuous fabrics makes the curtain design extremely eye-catching. I can imagine the window panels delicately covered by a sheer, white fabric that lets lots of sunlight through into the room while the a darker, heavier fabric is used to frame the window panels. This is a lovely digital curtain image that will be fun in an imaginative, creative project. 

Baby Bassinet Digital Download Clip Art Vintage Illustration

baby bassinet image download vintage
digital baby clip art

baby bassinet image vintage download illustration
digital baby clip art .png

These are two wonderfully adorable digital baby downloads that I created from vintage, 1913 illustrations of baby bassinets. The stylish wicket bassinets are beautiful, and the pretty, frilly and lacy curtains surrounding the bassinets add an amazing touch to the bassinets. These digital baby clip arts are perfect for any baby newborn project celebrating the birth of a baby, especially birth announcements.

Vintage Luger Gun Pistol Digital Clip Art Download

gun luger pistol illustration digital download
digital gun clip art

gun pistol luger digital download
digital gun clip art .png

This is a digital gun download of a vintage Luger, 1915 pistol illustration. I found this pistol image in a hardware catalog. I love the detail of the Luger illustration. This Luger image would be great in a project paired with this digital gun collage sheet download I posted here. Used in a project for someone who collects guns, this digital Luger download is perfect. 

Digital Girl Edwardian Fashion Hair Big Bow Clip Art

girl hair bow image fashion antique download
digital girl clip art

girl illustration digital fashion hair bow image
digital girl clip art .png

During the Edwardian Era, big hair bows were all the fashion rage for girls. This is a delightful digital girl download of a young girl wearing a very big hair bow in her short hair. Actually, hair bows were so huge then that it was like wearing a hat. Those large bows look especially wonderful with short hair. The girl's wavy, short hairstyle is adorable! 

Vintage Wooden Clothes Pin Free Clip Art

clothes pin vintage download image
clothes pin image

clothes pin vintage download image
clothes pin image .png

This is a wonderful digital laundry clip art of a vintage wooden clothes pin. I love the detail of this clothes pin image as it shows the grain design of the wood. The weather is perfect now for hanging out laundry, which is something I do every year. The fresh smell of air dried laundry is great! 

Free Printable Background Fishing Lure Collage Sheet Download

fishing lure image background clip art
fishing lure background download

fishing clip art download background image
fishing lure background download .png

It's summer and time to be out enjoying the beautiful weather! Today I've posted a perfect summer time image of a digital fishing lure background. I created this digital fishing clip art from a vintage illustration of a page from a hardware catalog. The lure product descriptions with the fishing lure images makes for an interesting collage background image for your sporting and fishing projects. 

Digital Vintage Suitcase Collage Sheet Printable Travel Clip Art

suitcase vintage travel digital collage sheet
vintage suitcase clip art

suitcase vintage collage printable download
vintage suitcase collage sheet .png

Vintage suitcase clip art is so fun to use in vacation projects! I've posted a wonderful digital travel collage sheet of vintage, leather suitcase images. These suitcase illustrations were taken from a 1913 hardware catalog. I especially like the suitcase that's open. The open suitcase image can be used as a base for a collage of other images placed inside of the suitcase that are prefect for any project. The thick leather straps, big, metal latches, and fortified corners just add the perfect vintage look to these suitcases.