Vintage Coffee Pot Digital Illustration Kitchen Clip Art

coffee pot digital download
vintage coffee pot image .jpg

coffee pot digital download vintage
vintage coffee pot image .png

This is a delightful, digital coffee pot download that I created from a vintage illustration in a hardware catalog. This is what was known as an Empire Coffee Pot. The round, squat shape of the coffee pot is so cute. And, you can see the that this is a percolator coffee pot. This is a wonderful piece of kitchen clip art that would be so fun and charming to use as a design element in many project, such as party invitations or as a gift tag. 

Free Digital Wildflower Illustration Lady's Mantle Flower Image

flower image botanical art wildflower download
digital flower illustration .jpg

flower wildflower image digital download
digital flower illustration .png

This is a lovely wildflower illustration of the flower, Lady's Mantle. It's a very detailed flower illustration, and would a lovely wildflower image colored and framed in a pretty frame. I love using flower images to decorate handmade greeting cards because they are perfect for almost any occasion. The Lady's Mantle is a perennial flower that is a soft, pastel yellow, almost a chartreuse color. It grows in a low bush. 

Distressed Frame Label Digital Download Scroll Design

frame label design digital download
distressed label design .jpg

label frame design digital download
distressed label design .png

This is a beautifully distressed frame or label design I created from an antique illustration from an old book. I love the scroll design and the tattered, distressed edges of the worn paper design. The worn look gives a very vintage look to the digital blank label. This is a wonderful frame or label for any project since it's blank! Customize it any way you choose.  

Digital Download Vintage Golf Border Design Sporting Image

golf digital download sporting image
digital golf border design .jpg

golf border design download image
digital golf border design .png

This is certainly the time of year for playing golf. Today I've posted a wonderful digital border design of the sport of golf. I created this digital golf download from a vintage illustration I found in a travel magazine. I posted a digital image of golf clubs here that would go well with this digital golf border design in creating a great project for someone who loves the game of golf. The golf players vintage clothing make this a charming image as well. 

Free Digital Damask Fancy Frame Download Design

frame damask digital download image
digital damask design .jpg

frame digital damask design download image
digital damask design .png
frame damask digital grayscale download image
digital damask design grayscale .png

This is a very fancy and pretty digital frame download that I created from an antique illustration. I love the fancy swirls and design of this printable frame image. The fancy lines of this frame make it perfect for any project, and the grayscale version allows you to customize its color to suit any of your projects. And, because of this frame,s fancy style, it's also perfect as a damask design element. 

Printable Victorian Background Collage Download Sheet

collage download victorian image digital
digital Victorian collage image .jpg

collage victorian image download printable sheet
digital Victorian collage image .png

This is a wonderful digital collage sheet I created from a lovely Victorian illustration I found in an antique storybook. This Victorian collage image was taken from the inside cover design of a storybook. I think this digital collage sheet of a variety of Victorian images would look fabulous colored, or make a fun coloring project. As an illustration, this digital collage sheet makes a perfect background for a project. 

Free Vintage Girl Child Holding Flower Illustration Download

girl child vintage illustration download
vintage girl image .jpg
girl child flower download digital
vintage girl image .png

This is a charming digital girl illustration I created from a vintage, 1920 baby keepsake book. This girl clip art is so lovely as it shows her pretty, vintage outfit of long dress and bonnet. The girl's buttoned shoes are adorable. And, she offers a dainty, pretty flower to someone. This digital girl download would make a fabulously charming design element in a birthday project, especially if flowers are the gift!