Old Camping Frame Design Clipart Boys Canoe Swimming Summer Activity

 Summer's almost here! Time to go camping, canoeing, fishing, hiking and sitting by a camp fire! Today's wonderful digital clipart is a cute frame design I found in an old magazine. Three boys go canoeing and swimming as they have fun at a camp. In the background of the frame design, you can see a log cabin. Awesome! Do you enjoy camping in the summer? This charming camping frame design will add lots of interest and fun to your scrapbooking pages. Enjoy!

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vintage canoeing camping illustration frame design download

Vintage camping illustration clipart

Free Vintage Gibson Girl Portrait Illustration Beautiful Woman Ink Drawing Download

Today's digital goodie is a beautiful, vintage Gibson Girl illustration by Charles Dana Gibson. This illustration of a woman's portrait reminds me of Marie Antoinette. Her fantastic updo reminds me of her! What a wonderful woman illustration to use in your collage pieces or as a feature element in your creative projects. Enjoy!

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Charles Dana Gibson illustration Gibson Girl portrait digital download

Digital Gibson Girl illustration download

Vintage Recipe Header Design Donuts Crullers Food Cookbook Illustration

Who doesn't love donuts?! This charming vintage recipe header is from a vintage, Late Victorian cookbook heading the chapter on making donuts and crullers (deep-fried pastries). Yummy! The mother makes delicious donuts and places each one on a platter held by her lucky son. I love the huge waft of warm, sweet, sugary scent that hangs in the air in the illustration. You know that kitchen smells incredible! Enjoy!

vintage cookbook donuts cruller recipe illustration free clipart

Donut recipe header design download


Digital Overlay Black Damask Texture Pattern PNG Crafting Download

Damask overlay patterns can be used in many ways. Fancy black damask patterns are especially beautiful for wedding printables and other special occasions. Today's free download is a pretty damask, PNG overlay made with vintage design illustrations. Enjoy!

Black damask pattern overlay design png digital download

Digital damask design overlay download


Late Victorian Silver Engraved Round Teapot Illustration Clipart Download

Today's digital download freebie is a pretty, Late Victorian teapot illustration. I can imagine this stylish, engraved teapot decorating the front of handmade tea party invitations or a scrapbook page celebrating a love of tea enjoyed. Enjoy!

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free antique Victorian teapot illustration clipart download

Late Victorian engraved teapot illustration


Antique Gibson Girl Portrait Illustration Charles Dana Gibson Artwork Download

Today's digital freebie is a beautiful Gibson Girl illustration by Charles Dana Gibson. Gibson's portraits are stunning and lovely. Using calligraphy pen strokes for hair makes Gibson's art unique. I love using Gibson Girl illustrations in collage art pieces. Enjoy!

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free Gibson Girl illustration download artwork digital Charles Dana Gibson

Antique Gibson Girl illustration download


Antique Book Plate Design Village Scene Illustration Artwork

 Today's digital goodie is antique book plate design. Book plates are wonderful, creative ways to personalize your books. I've given you two versions of this book plate design. First, the original book plate. And, second, a version with free space at the bottom of the book plate for your name. Enjoy!

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free book plate design village scene digital download

Antique book plate design clipart

free book plate design village scene digital download

Antique, customizable book plate design clipart