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Free Bird Transfer Download Antique Illustrations Fly Catcher Perched Tree

bird image tree illustration digital download
antique bird clip art

bird image illustration tree antique digital download
antique bird clip art

These are two lovely digital bird downloads of Fly Catcher birds perched in trees. These bird illustration are from an antique, 1885 natural history book. Both of these digital bird images are similar except for the bird's position. The first bird clip art shows the Fly Catcher looking down, and in the second bird image, the bird's looking up, apparently singing. Both of these bird illustrations would be beautiful digital transfers for pillows, napkins or tea towels.

digital bird downloads .png

Mailman Clipart Vintage Illustration Postman Carrying Mail Bag Letters

mail postman illustration vintage mail image
digital postman clipart

mail bag mailman illustration image vintage humorous
digital mailman clipart

Today I've posted two digital mailman downloads created from two, 1948 postmen illustrations. At this time of year, with Christmas a few, short weeks away, the post office is extra busy. The first digital mailman clip art is of an illustration of a postman carrying a big, full mail bag and holding a letter. The second digital mailman clip art is of an illustration of a postman carrying another big, full mail bag on his back. Actually, he's bend over from the strain of carrying such a large bag. I'm sure you'll find a humorous place for either of these digital mail images in a fun holiday project.

digital mailman download .png

Vintage Theater Entertainment Digital Clip Art Usher Conductor Fancy Dress Couples

conductor symphony image entertainment illustration download
vintage conductor image

couple entertainment illustration theater image
vintage fancy dress couple image

theater couple image entertainment illustration evening download
vintage fancy dress couple image

theater couple entertainment symphony clip art download
vintage couple image

usher movie theater image entertainment download digital
vintage usher image

Today I've posted lots of wonderful vintage theater entertainment downloads, including an usher, a conductor, and couples dressed up to go to the theater. The vintage usher image is particularly wonderful as he bows in his official uniform. And, I love the tuxedos, top hats, and long, beautiful gowns in the couple illustrations. I created these fun digital theater clip arts from a 1948 vacation catalog. Used together, these theater entertainment illustrations would be great design elements for a movie project. Perhaps there's someone in your life who loves going to the movies, and celebrating their love of entertainment in a scrapbooking project will brighten her day.

digital vintage theater entertainment downloads .png

Sea Life Lobster Shells Artwork Drawing Digital Downloads Illustrations

lobster sea life illustration digital download
digital lobster clip art

lobster illustration image sea life digital transfer
digital lobster clip art

sea shell image transfer digital illustration
digital sea shell clip art

Decorating bathrooms with sea life designs, such sea shell images and illustrations has always appealed to me. The clean, fresh atmosphere, and the abundance of water, are the common factors connecting the beach and bathrooms. At least in my thinking those're the connections. Today I've posted wonderful digital sea life downloads of lobster and sea shell illustrations. The sea shell clip art is a lovely pencil artwork drawing that would so beautiful as an image transfer on towels or framed in a white-washed wooden frame.

digital sea life downloads .png

Butterfly Pencil Artwork Drawings Digital Flower Lily Illustration

butterfly image artwork drawing illustration digital
digital butterfly clip art

butterfly lily image artwork drawing digital illustration
digital butterfly clip art

Today I've posted gorgeous digital butterfly transfer downloads created from antique pencil drawing artwork. The first digital butterfly clip art is of several butterflies in flight. The flying butterflies illustration is so lovely and would be beautiful in a transfer project. The second digital butterfly clip art is of a single butterfly hovering over blooming lilies. The enchanting pencil artwork also makes a gorgeous digital transfer for so many projects.

digital butterfly downloads .png

Stock Antique Illustration Children Pencil Drawing Seaside Beach Gardening Flowers

child beach toy artwork drawing illustration digital download
digital child clip art

child gardening flower artwork drawing illustration digital download
digital child clip art

Today I've posted two incredibly charming digital children downloads created from pencil artwork drawings in a 1920 baby keepsake book. The first digital child download is of a young boy playing in the sand at the beach. He's got his pain and shovel ready to build fanciful sand castles! And, his antique child's suit is precious. The second digital child download is of a child gardening flowers. With a handful of flowers, a rake, and a little wagon, he's ready to plant a beautiful flower garden.

digital children pencil drawing downloads .png