Digital Bow Design Clip Art Vintage Illustration

bow gift illustration
digital bow clip art .jpg
bow design illustration
digital bow clip art .png

digital bow clip art gray scale .png

This is a wonderful digital bow image I created from a vintage bow illustration I found in an old household catalog. This bow illustration makes for a fun piece of Christmas clip art to decorate lots of your projects. So, I've also given you the gray scale version of the digital bow clip art so that you can customize it for your gift-giving project. I hope you enjoy this vintage bow design illustration for any of your projects!

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Child's Toy Car Vintage Illustration

toy car image vintage
vintage toy car clip art .jpg
printable toy car image
vintage toy car clip art .png

What a perfect digital design element for a Christmas project! This vintage toy car clip art would be a fun image to in the design of a gift tag, greeting card, or scrapbooking project for Christmas. Vintage illustrations and images make Christmas decorations, crafts, and gifts more charming. Perhaps a child you know is really getting a toy car for Christmas? Then this vintage toy car illustration will make a gift tag even more fun to create. I hope you enjoy this digital toy car image for any of your projects!  

Printable Frame Illustrations Vintage Decorative Borders Botanical

stock frame image
digital frame clip art .jpg
frame digital decorative vintage
digital frame clip art .png
digital frame illustration
digital frame clip art gray scale .png

This is digital frame clip art of a vintage frame illustration I created from a simple, decorative image I found in a 1915 magazine. I love the delicately subtle botanical design of the frame, which gives it a dainty, pretty look. It also makes the thin borders of the frame stand out. I've given you the gray scale version of this frame so that you can customize the color to suit your particular project. I hope you enjoy this pretty digital frame image for so many projects! 

Decorative Digital Frame Border Clip Art Botanical Bird Design

frame digital botanical design
digital frame clip art .jpg
border stock image botanical
digital frame clip art .png

This digital frame image was created from an incredibly and elaborately designed drop cap of the letter 't'. As you can see by the shape of the wooden perch that the crow is perched upon, it resembles the letter 't'. However, I think the decorative frame illustration makes a perfect frame or border for any project, especially if it's a Halloween project. I hope you enjoy this digital frame illustration in any of your creative projects!

Digital Book Vintage Distressed Illustration Reading Clip Art

stock book image
distressed book clip art .jpg
book illustration digital vintage
distressed book clip art .png

This old, distressed book has certainly been enjoyed for many years. The wrinkled pages, the torn edges, and tattered cover shows hours of enjoyment. At least that's what I see. This is a lovely digital distressed book image I created from a vintage illustration. I imagine this book perhaps belonging to a wizened magician. It's full of his spells and incantations, blotted with ink, and various smudges of ingredients used in his magical recipes. Whatever this book contains, I'm sure it's perfect for a project for someone who loves books and loves reading. I hope you enjoy this digital book clip art! 

Digital Jewelry Illustration Vintage Ring Clip Art

stock ring illustration
ring jewelry clip art .jpg
stock ring jewelry image
ring jewelry clip art .png

What a spectacular digital ring image! I found this grand jewelry illustration in an old, Victorian storybook. The vintage style of the ring is beautiful. But, that blazing, brilliant, shining halo around the metal ring is just stunning. Actually, is reminds me of the iris of an eye. I'm sure my own eyes would reflect the same appearance if I received a brilliant, shining ring as a gift. Ha! I'm sure you can find a lovely and creative project fitting for this wonderful digital ring illustration. I'm thinking of either a project centered around an engagement or a wedding.

Stock Easel Painting Images Art Painting Clip Art

stock easel illustration
digital easel image .jpg
stock easel painting image
digital easel image .png

This is a wonderful stock easel image I created from a tiny vintage illustration in a old Victorian book. The blank spaces provided on both the easel and palette makes this art illustration perfect for customizing tags, invitations, greeting cards, note cards, or scrapbooking supplies. Is there an artist in your life? Then this easel clip art is just waiting for you to personalize it for them in a beautiful project. I hope you enjoy this fun digital art image for your projects!