Banner Scroll Flowers Border Corner Design Image Transfer Clip Art

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Digital Text Divider Border Design Circle Swirl Vintage Illustration

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This is a very stylish and classic digital border text divider design image. Today I've posted a wonderful digital border design that can be used to craft lots of handmade projects. Tile this digital border for a longer, scrapbooking design element. This digital border can also be used to design invitations and stationary sets. The pretty circle illustration in the center of the border is very attractive, and the swirl and flourish design on either side of the circle image make for a classic design.

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digital border design download image .png

Decorative Frame Free Clip Art Printable Square Border Design Image

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Today I've posted a pretty, vintage digital, decorative frame image. This digital frame image transfer has lovely, fancy corner designs. What makes this digital frame special and unique are that the border designs are on the inside of the square frame. The border designs on the top and bottom of the frame also make this frame a wonderful overlay design image for scrapbooking photos.

frame decorative image transfer printable border design clipart
decorative frame image download .png

Antique Illustration Image Transfer Gardening Faucet Hardware Clip Art

antique illustration garden faucet gardening image transfer hardware
hardware illustration image

Today I've posted a beautifully detailed digital garden faucet image created from a gardening hardware illustration. I love the detail! This antique hardware image is perfect for spring crafting projects, especially for someone who loves gandening.

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Vintage Coffee Pot Image Transfer Artwork Drawing Kitchen Clip Art

coffee pot image transfer digital clipart illustration
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Today I've posted a lovely digital coffee pot image transfer created from a vintage coffee pot illustration. This vintage coffee pot clip art is very detailed! I love the stylish design of this coffee pot. And, the handle on the pot is beautiful. This digital coffee pot image transfer is perfect for party invitations or for gift tags

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Royalty Free Printable Frame Designs Bird Scroll Borders

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Today I've posted two, wonderfully decorative frame clip art

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Decorative Circle Frame Designs Flourish Border Image Transfer Downloads

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These digital circle frame border images were created from vintage illustrations. I found these three border artwork images in a very distressed book, so the illustrations are a bit worn. Each of these digital frames have a flourish design. The first two digital frame clip arts have leaves around the border, and the first printable frame has an image of an open book. These digital frame transfers can be used in lots of creative crafting projects.

digital decorative circle frame image downloads .png