Digital Scrapbooking Damask Border Design Crafting Element Supplies

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digital scrapbooking border clip art

border digital scrapbooking crafting damask image download
digital scrapbooking border clip art

Today I've posted two, pretty digital damask border downloads designed from vintage drawer pull illustrations. The vintage drawer pulls make wonderful damask designs for lots of projects, including scrapbooking papers, wedding invitations, greeting cards, and so much more. I've also given you the grayscale version in .png format so that you can create any color for your crafting projects.

digital scrapbooking border downloads .png

Stock Vintage Tennis Sport Woman Player Equipment Illustrations Digital Artwork

tennis sport player illustration clipart digital download
woman tennis player vintage illustration

tennis sport equipment illustration digital image download
vintage tennis racket illustration

These are two wonderfully detailed digital tennis downloads created from vintage sports catalog illustrations. The first digital tennis clip art is of a vintage woman tennis player. Her tennis outfit is long, almost reaching her ankles. And, her tennis shoes look rather dressy! The second digital tennis image is of a tennis racket sport equipment clipart. Both of these digital tennis images would be great crafting elements for a tennis scrapbooking project or on a tennis match invitation or announcement.

digital tennis sport clipart downloads .png

Printable Scrapbooking Border Lace Botanical Download Clip Art Scallop Design Elements

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digital scrapbooking border clip art

border clipart digital scrapbooking download image
digital border design image

scrapbooking digital border image crafting clipart lace
digital border download image

These are three, lovely digital scrapbooking border downloads created from antqiue embroidery designs. Each digital border measures approximately 12" x 1" and will give a pretty and charming touch to any of your crafting projects. The digital border downloads have a lacy look to them, especially the third printable border with its scalloped, eyelet design.

digital border downloads .png

Digital Birdcage Clip Art Download Images Bird Artwork Illustration

birdcage bird image clip art download illustration
digital birdcage clip art

bird birdcage image clip art illustration drawing download
digital birdcage clip art

Today I've posted two lovely digital birdcage clip art downloads. These antqiue birdcage illustrations are perfect for collage artwork projects, especially contrasted with color clip art of birds. These digital birdcage images look like cages for small birds, like finches, parakeets, or Lovebirds.

digital birdcage downloads .png

Alice Through the Looking Glass Sheep Illustration Printable Clip Art

alice sheep illustration looking glass digital clipart
digital Alice and Sheep illustration 

alice sheep illustration image looking glass digital clipart
digital Alice and Sheep illustration

Today I've posted two digital, Alice in Through the Looking Glass clip art downloads. Both of these Alice illustrations show Alice with the Sheep. The White Queen has metamorphized into a sheep and takes Alice on a boat ride. The first Alice illustration shows both Alice and The Sheep in a shop. And, the second Alice clip art shows Alice and The Sheep in the row boat. 

digital Through the Looking Glass downloads .png

Digital Botanical Artwork Wildflower Drawing Flower Illustrations Printable Crafting

wildflower botanical artwork illustration digital download
digital flower clip art

flower wildflower botanical art illustration digital download
digital wildflower clip art

I love digital wildflower clip art downloads! Botanical art can be used in so many crafting projects. The first digital flower clip art is of the wildflower, Meadow Saxifrage. The five-petal flower is so pretty surrounding the large pistil. The second digital flower clip art is of the wildflower, Field Scabious. This wildflower looks much like a thistle.

digital wildflower downloads .png

Antique Trunk Travel Stock Luggage Clip Art Vacation Digital Download Illustrations

trunk travel luggage image antique clipart illustration
digital trunk clip art

trunk luggage travel image illustration digital clipart
digital travel trunk clip art

Today I've posted two wonderful digital trunk clip art downloads of antique travel trunks. Created from antique, 1911 illustrations, these trunk images are detailed and visually stunning. The first digital trunk clip art is of a closed trunk with lots of buckles and locks and clasps. The leather, protective corners, leather handles and leather straps add to the antique charm of this travel image. The second digital trunk download is of an open trunk, showing the drawers and hangers for clothes, toiletries, and travel essentials. The second digital luggage image is perfect for collage are because other images can be added to the open trunk that suit your crafting project.

digital trunk downloads .png