Free Animal Digital Stamp: Antique Illustration of 2 Persian Cats

This is an antique digital stamp created from an antique illustration of two Persians. It's incredible how different cat breeds appear today then how they did decades ago. Apparently, Persians during the Victorian Era were bred for their long fur and not for the modernly, stereotypically flattened face.


  1. Thank you so much! I love seeing how pretty the breed was before smushing their faces so much came into fashion. How lovely they they were not only beautiful, but more healthy and able to live a more normal life since they could actually breathe like other cats and not become exhausted from a lack of oxygen or suffer eye and sinus problems incessantly from having such foreshortened faces like you see now. Luckily they're being a bit more aware of not actually caving in the face to the point of concavity, but it would be wonderful to see a bit of snout again, like these beautiful cats have. Thanks!

  2. Thank you, Embley. I like how all the breeds were originally as well. It's too bad that modern breeding practices had to affect the cat's physical health. You're very welcome.