Free Frame Digital Stamp: Botanical Design Printable Frame

This is my entry to FPTFY Blog Linky Party! These are wonderful frame digital stamps with a botanical design. This design makes the perfect printable frame or label for your projects. I created this digital stamp from an antique silhouette, giving you several colorized versions to play with. Check out all the fun and creative entries over at Free Pretty Things for You Whatever You Want Wednesday Blog Link Party! And, leave a comment or two.


  1. Like it - thank you!

  2. This botanical design is gorgeous! Thank you for giving so many color options. Enjoy the rest of your day!
    Sending smiles and kind regards, Enjay

  3. You're all so very welcome! I love options too ;-)

  4. Hi Carolyn,
    These are wonderful frames, I shall make use of these for sure. Love the colours too.

    Letters from the Shore

  5. Hi Carolyn, I'm afraid it has been far too long since I've popped by but I am really getting into the whole area of design and your images are going to really come in handy since they are all copyright free. I've signed up by email for this blog and your other and will now not miss any of the newest images coming out. Thanks so much for all the work you do to provide us with these awesome images.

    Lisa D.

  6. You're so very welcome, Lisa. Thank you for your wonderful comment :-) I'm so very happy that you've found my blog to be a source of inspiration and design for your work. That's my fondest wish for all artist. I love these images as well, and sharing them everyone is truly awesome. Your comment has helped keep me inspired myself. Thanks again!