Digital Butterfly Orchid Image Transfer Botanical

Digital Flower Clip Art Orchid
Butterfly Orchid Wildflower .jpg

Digital Clip Art Wildflower Orchid
Butterfly Orchid Wildflower .png

Botanical illustrations are wonderfully versatile for so many projects, especially for decorating handmade greeting cards. Flowers are a perfect gift for lots of occasions, so creating a card with an image of flowers could go with almost any gift. This lovely digital wildflower clip art of an orchid is beautifully detailed. Digital image transfers are great bases for creating a customized image by colorization, which I love! I found this digital flower image in a vintage, 1885 botanical book. This illustration is indicated as a Butterfly Orchid; however, it looks more like a Encyclia. It makes me think that even plants can be manipulated over time like many animal breeds through the process of breeding. Which ever orchid this is, I hope you enjoy this digital flower image transfer for many of your projects!

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