Storybook Printables Fairies, Squirrels, and Young Girl

girl fairies digital clip art
girl and fairies storybook image .png

stock storybook image
girl and fairies storybook image .jpg

squirrels fairies images
squirrels and fairies storybook image .png

digital squirrel storybook image
squirrels and fairies storybook image .jpg

These are two charming digital storybook printables that I created from vintage illustrations in a children's storybook. The fairies are so cute, especially in the first illustration where all the different fairies are taking away a young girl. Hopefully they're taking her to a beautiful fairy land! And, the second storybook illustration is absolutely adorable! If only nature were really like this. Those little, bug-like fairies helping the squirrels stock away acorns for the winter are precious. These animal and fairy illustrations would be wonderful coloring book projects for a child. They're absolutely whimsical. I hope you enjoy these storybook printables in your projects!


  1. Carolyn, I love these images. They are great Children or fantasy images. Thank you. Edwina Brown

  2. You're welcome, Edwina! They are so cute, and I'm so glad you love them. I especially like the squirrels and fairies. So whimsical! Thanks :-)

  3. Thank you for these lovely images.