Vintage Silhouette Digital Clip Art Victorian Children Playing with Dog

silhouette vintage children playing
vintage silhouette image .jpg

vintage silhouette victorian children playing
vintage silhouette image .png

The title of this Victorian silhouette, as it read in the vintage book in which I found it, was, After the Circus. Apparently this digital children clip art shows that these children were still so excited after watching the circus acts that they continued playing their own circus. How adorable! And, the little family dog wants in on the fun and games as well. This vintage silhouette image is perfect for any project celebrating children. I can imagine this digital children clip art decorating party invitations. I hope you enjoy this digital silhouette in any of your projects!

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  1. Thanks for All the Neat graphics you post. I'm a card maker so have used several of yours. Thanks for making them available to many for Free.
    I have not seen a different post for several days and just hope all is well with you. Sincerely, Barbara