Stock Digital Frame Image Journaling Spot Download

This is a stock digital frame image I created from a simple, yet stylish, vintage illustration in an 1895 book.

stock frame digital image
digital frame .jpg

stock printable frame gray scale
digital frame gray scale .png

digital frame download
digital frame .png

This beautifully clean and minimalistically designed digital frame is perfect for just about any project. The curved lines and rectangular shape are eye-catching. I've given you a digital gray scale version so that you can create any color you desire to suit your projects. This printable frame also makes a wonderful journaling spot. Just add some lines and you're ready to create a pretty space for your thoughts.

Head on over to my blog, The Graphics Monarch, and you'll see what fun projects I've created with this elegantly understated digital frame download. I hope you enjoy this stock frame image in any of your projects and find lots of inspiration!

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