Stock Girl Reading Book Digital Illustration Child Image

stock girl image
girl reading book image .jpg
girl reading image
girl reading book image .png

child girl reading image
girl reading book image .png

This is a delightful digital image of a young girl reading a book. I created this digital girl clip art from an illustration in a 1910 baby keepsake book. I love the charming illustration! Her little, button-up shoes are adorable. This digital girl download would be a wonderful design element in a project for a little girl who's perhaps just starting school or who simply loves to read. I've given you three versions of this image: one in ,jpg format and two in .png format. The first .png image is what I like to refer as, scrapbook ready since the image itself isn't transparent. You can see a beautiful example of what's possible with a scrapbook ready image over at my new blog, The Graphics Monarch, where I've posted some fun possibilities for your projects! I truly hope you enjoy the creative, new, digital inspirational ideas and freebies I'll be posting over there.

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