Stock Teapot Images Vintage Silver Illustrations

stock teapot image
teapot digital image .jpg

stock teapot illustration
teapot digital image .png
gray scale teapot digital image
teapot digital image gray scale .png

I love teapot images! This is a wonderful digital stock teapot image I created from a vintage illustration of a silver teapot in a household catalog. The engraved, floral design on the teapot, along with the round, squat shape are so stylishly beautiful. I would love drinking tea from such a gorgeous teapot! I've given you the gray scale version so that you can colorize the image to suit any project you have in mind. I hope you enjoy this stock teapot image for your creativity!

I've posted some beautiful digital scrapbooking papers designed with this teapot image over at The Graphics Monarch!

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