Digital Bike Stock Image Women's Bicycle Clip Art Vintage 1919

bike vintage illustrations womens
digital bike clip art .jpg
bike vintage illustration womens
digital bike clip art .png

This is a digital image of a women's vintage, 1919 bicycle. I created this digital bike clip art from an illustration I found in a 1919 catalog. I love the detail on this bike. This digital stock bike image would be great in so many projects, including Christmas scrapbooking memories or as part of a project celebrating a child learning to ride a bike. I hope you enjoy this printable bike image in your projects! 


  1. We had a bicycle like this when we were kids. It was m y Dad's from a kid. It was orange. Best bike I ever had to ride. Thank you for the digi. Edwina Brown

  2. You're welcome, Edwina! I sure wish I'd still had the bike I learned to ride on. It was pink! So cute. Thanks for sharing your memory!