Antique Boy Silhouette Digital Victorian Illustrations

antique silhouette image boy fruit download
antique boy silhouette image

boy rabbit silhouette image digital download
antique child silhouette image
boy antique toy silhouette image illustration
antique boy silhouette image


digital antique boy silhouettes images .png

These are three adorable antique boy silhouettes I found in an antique storybook. These digital child silhouettes show a boy enjoying some fun activities. The first silhouette is a wonderful summer image of a boy eating pears that he's collected in his straw hat. No doubt he stole the pears out of an orchard. The second boy silhouette is so cute showing a young boy tempting a wild rabbit with a piece of fresh, crisp lettuce. And, the third child silhouette would make a great Christmas or birthday design element for a project for a child.

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