Vintage Children Toy Illustration Image Jump Rope Jack-in-the-Box Clip Art

toy children digital clip art clown download
vintage Jack-in-the-Box toy image

digital jump rope download toy children
digital jump rope clip art

These are two delightful digital toy downloads I created from antique toy illustrations in a 1915 household catalog. Even though it's a bit scary looking, the digital toy image of the clown Jack-in-the-Box is really cute. The clown's outstretched arms are perfect for showing he's just 'jumped' out of the box. The digital jump rope image is wonderful, especially as it shows big, wooden handles at each end of the rope. And, actually, the shape of the jump rope clip art makes for a wonderful corner design for a child's project. Maybe you've got a Christmas or birthday occasion you'd like to scrapbook, and this jump rope image would be great decorating the corner of photo frame!

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