Digital Vintage Baking Illustration Downloads Kitchen Muffin Pan Clip Art

baking kitchen image digital girl clip art
digital kitchen illustration

baking kitchen measuring cup image download clip art
digital measuring cup illustration

baking muffin pan image download clip art
digital muffin pan illustration

I've posted some wonderful digital baking clip art today that I created from a vintage household catalog. The first digital baking download is of a young girl baking. She's mixing something delicious in that large bowl. With the rolling pin on the table, she's probably going to roll out some dough for cookies or biscuits. Yum! The second digital baking image is of a metal measuring cup. The measuring cup illustration is beautifully detailed with the different levels of measurement on the outside of the cup. The third digital baking image is of a muffin pan. All of the digital baking illustrations would be perfect in a holiday project celebrating all of the wonderful baking that'll be going on during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

digital baking image downloads .png


  1. beautiful!!! thanks for making it available to use. will use In my blog!

  2. Awesome, Liz! So glad you like the images. Have fun creating with them.