Printable Floral Borders 12 inch Scrapbook Crafting Designs Downloads

border digital floral crafting scrapbook image
digital crafting border

border digital crafting floral scrapbook download image
digital scrapbooking border 

border crafting floral digital download scrapbook image
digital 12" floral border

Today I've posted three pretty and charming digital crafting borders with floral designs. I created these printable crafting borders from Victorian embroidery patterns, which are perfect for repeated designs. The first digital crafting border is a very large and intricate vine design with leaves and berries. I love the bold illustration! The second digital border is a simple Clover Leaf design that is wonderful for spring projects. And, the third digital crafting border is a pretty scallop and flower design. Any of these digital border will give antique charm to your projects.

digital floral border downloads .png

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