Children Playing Illustration Images Transfers Vintage Toys Gardening Artwork

gardening children image illustration vintage artwork drawing
children gardening image

boy kite vintage image artwork drawing clipart illustration
boy flying kite image

boy rocking horse vintage image illustration artwork drawing
boy playing on toy horse image

Today I've posted an adorable digital bundle of vintage children images. The first digital children clip art is of two children gardening. Their vintage outfits are so cute, especially the girl's bonnet and the boy's straw hat. The second digital child clip art is of a young boy flying a kite. A strong gust of wind is threatening to lift him off the ground! The third digital child clip art is of a young boy playing on a toy horse. He's got a whip in hand to make the horse go faster. These adorable children illustrations would be great in scrapbooking projects or on gift tags.

vintage children illustration images .png

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