Free Cupid Digital Stamp: Cupid Sitting on Branch with Birds and Weddings

As requested, in a comment left by Pat, I've made three separate digital stamps from an antique marriage certificate I posted here. The next three posts will be of these three digital stamps I created. Today's post is of a cupid digital stamp. This lovely design is at the top of the marriage certificate. I love how the wedding rings are around each of the cupid's legs. How cute!


  1. Who is this "Pat" of whom you speak? She sounds very pushy, if you ask me.; )

    I love the Cupid graphic! He looks very busy with the branches in both hands, and it almost looks as if the two small birds on the left are asking each other, "What's he doing?" hehe

    Thank you for obliging that "Pat" person! xoxo

  2. I know! Can you believe it? The nerve of some people ;-)

    LOL! You're too funny! I love it :-)

    Your comment is so great! Yes, he does look busy with those branches, and the birds seemed a tab confused. And, it is a wonderful digi stamp all on its own. Thank you so much for your suggestion. It helps me make this blog as wonderful as I can make it :-)

    You are more than welcome, Pat ;-)