Free Vintage Fashion Digital Stamp: Vintage Ostrich Feather Women's Hat

This is a very pretty vintage Women's Ostrich Feather Hat digital stamp. This vintage illustration is from a clothes catalog.


  1. Ooh, how pretty and elegant!

    But as blind as I am, I'm having trouble figuring out if the hat has a "top"--it looks "empty" inside the wrap of feathers... unless the band that I can see toward the rear of the image, below the top row of feathers, has fabric extending throughout the inside of the "circle", comprising the "top" that I'm so confused about?

    At any rate, my quotation marks and I thank your for this lovely illustration! xoxo

  2. Actually, it looks like it simply wraps around the top of the head. I don't think there is a top to the hat. I believe it's just a wrap. Anyway, that's what it looks like to me.

    You're so welcome :-)

  3. That was how I perceived it, too, but I wasn't sure if that style was in vogue when ostrich feathers were popular in the millinery world. It was probably worn at an angle on the head, in a "fetching" sort of way, instead of flat on the top. xoxo

  4. Yes, I can see it worn that way. I think it'd be much more attractive that way :-)