Chain Collage Sheet Digital Borders Vintage Design

digital chain border image
digital chain border .png

printable chain collage sheet
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borders digital chains collage sheet
digital chain collage sheet .png

I've posted some fun digital clip art today of chains. I've provided both a digital collage sheet of chain borders and a single, digital border of a chain image. The printable border can be used to make frames for all sorts of projects. The chain image would add an interest touch to one of your projects. I often use digital chain borders as journaling lines for invitations, journaling spots and printable stationary. I love the whimsical touch! I hope you enjoy these digital chain collage sheet and printable border in any of your projects!


  1. Thanks so much Carolyn! <3
    These are really useful!

  2. You're welcome, Sim! That's what i love to hear! I had fun creating that chain border. Will be fun for so many projects. Thanks!

  3. Thanks to you Carolyn!
    I have you in my 'vintage' blogroll! :)

  4. Thank you, Sim! I really appreciate that :-)