Digital Dress Fashion Images of Women's Long Dresses 1915

digital fashion illustration 1915
vintage fashion clip art 1915 .png

fashion image long dress illustration 1915
vintage fashion illustration 1915 .png

vintage dress fashion clip art
vintage dress fashion 1915 .png

vintage dress fashion clip art 1915
dress fashion clip art 1915 .png

I love colorizing digital image transfers! And, I especially love colorizing digital fashion images. I've posted some lovely digital fashion clip art of vintage, 1915 long dress fashion images. Surprisingly, vintage fashion was incredibly colorful and stylish. I have several vintage fashion catalog from the early 1900's, and women's fashions were very colorful. The two colorized versions I've posted for you, while being very loud with color, are typical of the colors that women wore in 1915. Actually, they look like so much fun to wear! I've given you both the original and my colorized versions of these two digital fashion image transfers. I hope you enjoy these digital dress fashion images for any of your projects!

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